14 Sep 2018

Water Damaged Furniture – What to Do?

Water damage caused by sewage, flood or a sudden storm can greatly affect your home, both outside and inside. Furniture and other valuables can lose their functionality and value with just a splash of water.

Saving your furniture depends on how damaged it is from the disaster. If it’s pretty much totaled, it will be much cheaper to replace it but in any case, that it is still standing, you can try to fix it yourself or if it’s really valuable, I advise hiring a professional restoration service.

A professional service will be able to check and determine if the furniture you have can either be salvaged and be restored or needs to be completely replaced. Any possessions that can be salvaged will be processed immediately for restoration by the experts.

The Procedure:

The very first thing that should be done is the cleaning of the place, as well as the furniture. Water Damage Professionals already has a lot of experience in this kind of situations and of course, knows which procedures and techniques are needed for each kind of situation that will ensure that there will be no further damage to anything that can be saved.

Drying is the second step after cleaning up the place. Items and valuables will be separated to a better place where it can dry off. Rooms will have to use tools like a dehumidifier and vacuums to be dried out completely.

Water Damage Restoration Tips You Can Do on Your Own

If the damage is pretty minor and only a few of your valuables has been harmed, you can probably fix your home on your own. Try these few things:

First up is to remove the damaged furniture from the affected area and put them in a dry place where it can start drying quickly. Though it might be harder for heavy furniture like cabinets and such, it will expedite the drying process if you are able to do this. Avoid putting furniture where it can receive direct sunlight, especially wooden ones since it can damage wooden furniture further.

Portable Fans can speed up the process if you have one. Place it in a room or directly to the damaged furniture. Make sure it’s set up on a dry and stable place, like a stool, so that it would also not be damaged by water.

Open up your windows or any ventilation that is in the room. With air properly ventilated, drying will be quicker.

Bleach and vinegar would save the life of your furniture. Add them with warm water and scrub your furniture to avoid the growth of mold and mildew.

Do not use any electronic that isn’t used for water extraction. Common vacuums are not meant for this job. It will just destroy the appliance and there are specialized vacuums for this kind of work.

Simple yet effective advice that you can do on your own when it comes to water damage. In any case that you can do all of it, I suggest hiring a professional to do the job. There are a lot of restoration services that can help you in this kind of situation.


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