Water Damage

Has your home been inundated with water?  Whether you have been through a fire, and the water is from the firefighters putting out the fire, or your home has flooded from another source, we can help.  We help homeowner’s and business owners who have been through fires, floods and burst pipes repair the damage to the premises.

We offer 24/7 service, so call us when your emergency happens.  First, we come out and pump out the water.  If any areas need to be boarded and tarps placed, we take care of this as well, to protect your home and belongings from looters and further damage from weather.

Once emergency repairs are complete, we help you decide if you need any belongings removed, cleaned and stored while the damage is repaired.  We provide pack out, cleaning, and pack back as part of our service.

Finally, we remove and repair any water damaged areas, including treating for mold.  Mold can pose a serious health risk to you and your family, and it develops quickly, often in as little as 48 to 72 hours.  Left untreated it spreads, and becomes a health risk.  We remove any mold and treat the affected areas to prevent return.

We do work with your insurance company to ensure you receive the full compensation you are entitled to with your policy.

Services include

  • Boarding/Tarping of building:
    • Immediate protection from further damage.
  • Pack out:
    • Pack up salvageable belongings and remove from building.
  • Cleaning:
    • Provide cleanup of any salvageable belongings.
  • Storage:
    • Storage of your belongings until your home is ready for their return.
  • Pack back:
    • Return your belongings to your home.
  • Fire Damage:
    • Tear out any fire damaged parts of building, replace and reconstruct better than new.
  • Smoke Damage:
    • Remove unsightly smoke stains and make your premises smell as good as new.
  • Water Damage:
    • Remove water, and remove and repair any damage that could lead to mold if left untreated.
  • Mold Damage and Remediation:
    • We remove the mold, and then treat the involved areas so mold does not return.