Smoke Damage

You’ve just had a fire, and much of the building was burnt and destroyed. Then you notice even in rooms that were not involved in the fire, there is more damage. Unsightly smoke stains and noxious odors permeate the rest of the house. This just seems to add insult to injury. These stains and smells can last long past the fire if not given the proper attention. This not only includes a new paint job, but a thorough cleaning and deodorizing of all of the involved areas. This includes areas not readily seen. After that, then fresh coats of paint can be applied leaving your home smelling as good as new.

Pro-Craft General Contractors have extensive experience with all types of restoration. Additionally, we are insurance claim specialists that are there for you when you meet with your adjuster. We ensure all damage is taken into account, including the hidden areas of smoke damage. We want to make sure that you get the most value for your claim as is provided in your policy.

Call Pro-Craft General Contractors to assure your home is left stain and odor free and ready for entertaining as well as living!

Services include

  • Insurance Consultation:
    • We assist in assessment and mitigation with your insurance company to ensure you receive all that you are entitled per your policy.
  • Smoke Damage:
    • Remove unsightly smoke stains and make your premises smell as good as new.