02 Apr 2018

Should You Hire a Professional Flood Cleanup Contractor or Attempt Restoration On Your Own?

If you have come in here to read this article, you are probably wondering if you should hire a professional flood cleanup contractor or do the water damage cleanup for your property on your own. You will quickly see by reading this article that your best option will be to hire the services of an expert flood cleanup contractor.

Here are the top reasons why you should not attempt a basement flood cleanup or any other water damage cleanup on your own unless of course the water damage was very limited.

• Water damage is not restricted to just the areas that have come in contact with the water. Portions of the house that are untouched by the water can still be affected by moisture and mold which will stem from the water damage. Only an expert flood cleanup contractor will have the right knowledge to quickly assess your property for potential moisture and mold problems that might have arisen out of or will arise from the water leak or water damage.

• Water damage restoration is not limited to just drying the area affected by the leak. Drying is of course the first step that will have to be taken although there are several other steps that will need to be followed as well. For example, a dried area will also have to be disinfected depending on the type of water damage. If the water that damaged your property came from sources such as sewers, streams, rivers or even the sea, your property will have to be treated with chemicals as harmful bacteria and fungi will remain even after the water has dried. Only a professional flood cleanup contractor will be able to decide if your property needs disinfecting in addition to drying and dehumidifying.

• If you have experienced heavy flooding in your basement, you will need to approach your basement flood cleanup with extreme caution. Make sure that you turn off the natural gas and electricity before you begin the cleanup. A flood cleanup contractor will know these precautions and you can risk your safety if you do not know what you are doing in your basement. For example, a basement will have to be flooded out slowly to avoid the pressure on the basement walls from decreasing too rapidly. If the water is pumped out too quickly, it will cause the walls of the basement to cave in and it is a situation that you definitely want to avoid. A flood cleanup contractor on the other hand will know about all the precautions and steps that will have to be taken.

• When there has been heavy water damage, structural damage will also have to be assessed. This is not something that you can do on your own. A professional flood cleanup contractor on the other hand will have knowledge about construction and also know about the potential damage that water can cause to a structure of a building. He will also point out any obvious flaws in the construction of your home that might result in another water leak.

In addition to these technical aspects, a flood cleanup contractor will also be able to assist you in other matters such as insurance claims which can also be very arduous if you approached it on your own.


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