26 Dec 2017

Fire Awareness, Safety, and Damage Restoration

Fires are considered to be one of the worst disasters that our country faces daily. Nearly 4000 Americans have died each year while another 2000 have been injured as a result of house fires. 92 percent of all Red Cross emergencies have been fire related. This exhibits a need for and importance of fire awareness, fire safety, and expert fire damage restoration companies.

A home fire is a devastating occurrence as it is — every possession you’ve ever owned or worked for is now in ashes. Fire awareness is one of the easiest ways to prevent home fires. To begin with, the most common cause of home fires are defective appliances and wiring. They may appear to be simple and harmless, but faulty appliances can be the root of catastrophe.
Be careful not to leave appliances running for excessive periods of time, and always dispose of damaged or deficient appliances.

Another leading cause of home fires are heating devices such as fireplaces, wood stoves, and heaters.
Cigarettes are another source of house fires. This usually occurs when unaware or absentminded people leave their cigarettes on furniture. Chairs, sofas, and beds are all vulnerable targets to smoldering cigarettes. The best way to ensure safety is to install smoke alarms. Two out of three people die if they are asleep when a fire starts. Your chances for survival increase significantly when smoke alarms are installed.

Once the fire has subsided, a great way to get back on track is to contact a fire damage restoration professional. Smoke damages structures in a unique and complex way; it rises to cooler parts of the building, and flows through the pipes of the plumbing systems. There are many different types of smoke that do specific damage to your home.
Dry smoke, wet smoke, protein smoke, and fuel oil soot smoke are just a few examples of some common smoke damage. A fire damage restoration expert is necessary to fix any structural problem involving smoke.


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