About Mold & Asbestos Remediation

Pro-Craft is your leading insurance restoration contractor, offering water, fire and smoke, storm, and contents restoration. As a preferred vendor for many of the largest insurance carriers, Pro-Craft is able to navigate the insurance restoration process with ease.

Time is of the essence when dealing with mold remediation at your property. It only takes as little as 48-72 hours, mold can begin to grow and spread throughout your property, causing allergens and other irritants to reproduce. This can have negative effects on the health of your loved ones. Mold issues can cause alarm among children and adults susceptible to allergens. Some may develop such severe symptoms from mold.

Procraft mitigation team will respond quickly to your call to assess your mold cleanup remediation situation. We use advanced equipment and experience, Along with a third part to comply with state regulations & insure the process is done correctly. Our goal is to safely complete the mold removal by the Texas state regulation. We provide clearance testing to ensure all mold spore counts are lower or equal to the outside spore count. In the event you have mold, We provide cost upfront so between coverage or lack of coverage there is no hidden fee’s at the end of the remediation process

We all seek safety in our homes, but mold and asbestos contamination can lead to major health problems. Asbestos is a deadly cancer causing natural fiber that was commonly used as insulation in homes, especially in homes built prior to the 1980s. Asbestos-related cancer often takes 15 years or more after exposure to occur and by then it’s often too late. Mold can arise anywhere where moisture is present, even in newer homes. Long term exposure to mold can lead to respiratory problems, headaches, and nausea.

Thankfully, our highly skilled technicians are ready to assist you with thorough and efficient mold and asbestos remediation. We follow a strictly-regulated decontamination process that ensures your health and safety, and minimizes exposure to these harmful substances. We will make your home a healthier place to live in.

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